Use wet wipes or bidet as opposed to dry toilet paper

Do not use Toilet Paper, What to Use Instead to Wipe your butt?

Do not use that roll of toilet paper again to wipe your bottom. Please don’t!

Maybe you are wondering why you have to be warned not to use toilet paper to wipe your bum yet you have been using it to do so for the longest time. But the truth is that tissue paper never actually does the job well. It also poses great health risks that you never knew about.

Poop still there even after wiping

Those who are still using tissue paper even after warning them have complained that they are wiping their bums, but they never quite get clean. Yes, that is true. Tissue paper will never actually clean your bum. Picture this, a bird flying in the sky and then it poops on your face, would you wipe the poop away by using toilet paper and feel clean? The answer is a simple no. you need to use something much more better like wet wipe or wash it out with a wet wash cloth.

The Muslims must have realized this a long time ago and that is why they will never use toilet paper to wipe their bums. No, they will always use water to do so. I have this Muslim friend who always carry a lota to the toilet and when I asked him, he told me that using a lota with water every time he goes to the toilet makes him feel sanitized and clean.

In the case that he has traveled away to places where he does not have access to his lota or a simple bucket, he is always using some wet tissue paper. So he will get the tissue paper but first dip it in water before he proceeds to wipe his bum. And indeed he feels sanitized and cleaner that people using toilet paper.

Toilet paper can cause UTI, anal fissures and irritation on your perianal skin

Low quality toilet paper will always cause a wide array of problems such as urinary tract infection (UTI). This is because when you wipe with toilet paper, there will be some traces of poop left and in women, when this poop gets into contact with you urethra or vaginal entry, then you are sure to get some bacteria infecting your urinary tract.

Use of coarse, low quality toilet paper can also cause anal fissures when you exert too much pressure on your bum skin. So when buying toilet paper, if you still insist on using it, then you should always buy one that is high quality, cottony soft and gentle on your skin to avoid anal fissures.

Toilet paper is made with chemicals. For example to bleach trees into white paper, they use chlorine to do so. There are also other chemicals used in making that toilet paper you love so much and you will end up finding that you are getting skin irritations on your perianal area.

What alternatives to use instead of toilet paper?

  1. Flushable adult wet wipes

You can use wet wipes so as to wipe yourself. However you need to make sure that it is disposable and that it actually flushes so that it does not end up blocking your sewerage system which would throw you into problems with the local government for clogged septic systems. So when buying wipes to use for poop, always make sure to insist on septic safe wipes that will actually disintegrate.

You should also make sure that they are paraben, alcohol and fragrance free so as to avoid skin irritation. A good example of some good wet flushable wipes that you can use are the cottonelle wet wipes.

  1. Wet family cloths

Using family cloths has been practised by those who are so much into frugal living. Family cloths are reusable so that after wiping yourself, you wash them with hot water and disinfect them with antiseptics.

  1. Use bidets

The bidet is another smart way of wiping your bum without risking getting UTIs or leaving your bum not clean enough. Today there are portable bidets that are small enough and affordable so that you never have to worry about how to wipe even when you are travelling.