Safety features to check when purchasing the Best Skating Helmets


A helmet is a very crucial protective gear to always put on whenever you are skateboarding. Putting on a skateboarding helmet and pads helps prevent any possible injuries that may occur when you crash. Wearing a helmet also prevents death or brain injuries that might occur due to an occurrence of a crash.

Make sure that the helmet properly fits your head in order to provide maximum protection regardless of the brand. It should also have a protective padding, be low across your forehead, fit snugly and do not move around whenever you are skateboarding.

In a case where your helmet becomes smaller or is damaged then it is high time for you to replace it.

Skateboarding helmets can be single or multiple impacts. Single impact helmets only protects a rider from a single impact and will need immediate replacement after a single crash while a multiple impact helmet can be able to withstand multiple impacts without replacement.

For comfort and good balance while riding then make sure to buy a helmet that is able to provide all these. Below are features to look for when purchasing a skateboarding helmet:

Soft interior foambest skating helmets with a soft foam interior and a protective liner that is made of cushion often slows down force upon impact hence protecting your head.

Exterior hard shell-with this it can be able to resist multiple impacts therefore providing maximum protection. An outer shell made of fiber is highly recommended than ones made with plastic since fiber have a more absorption power.

Weight-make sure that the helmet you purchase is not too heavy to avoid neck injuries or discomfort while riding.

Round shape-this prevents any face or neck injuries upon impact as compared to corner-shaped helmets.

Size and fit-the helmet should be able to snugly fit by adjusting the straps and pads to ensure maximum protection. A loose helmet will fall out when an impact occurs leaving your head exposed hence causing death or serious brain injuries.

Ventilation-for a helmet that fully covers your chin make sure that it has vents in order to keep you cooler when riding.

Padding-this provides comfort while riding and is also able to absorb sweat which may require you to wipe off regularly when riding if there is no padding.

Retention system-this is the chin strap that often keeps the helmet in place upon impact.

Full-face helmet-if you intent to ride on a high speed make sure to buy this since it entirely covers your head.

Safety tips

-While riding make sure to adjust the straps and should not be tight or loose but fit well to enable it hold the pressure whenever an impact occurs.

-Upon an occurrence of an impact make sure to check your helmet to see if there are any breaks and if there then make sure to replace it immediately as it is no longer fit for use.

-Crouching down when you lose balance minimizes impact as it reduces the distance to the surface.

-Make sure to regularly check your helmet and skateboard before use to make sure it has no broken parts or is loose which may cause injuries.

-Make sure you do not have any sharp objects in your pocket to avoid injuries upon impact.

-Avoid riding on the street, public parks or bike or crowded paths.