How Nyerere Led a healthy Life

Known by many in Tz, Africa and the world at large as Mwalimu, Julius Nyerere was this astute guy who led a life worth mentioning and copying. Always vocal on all that he wanted to say, Nyerere never minced his words and he would blurt out whatever needed to be said.

At one time,he told the then Kenyan president Jomo Kenyatta that Kenya is nothing but a man eat man society. Of course the hot tempered and wittist Kenyatta had a quick rejoinder by telling him that Kenya is better since Tz is a man eat nothing society. Anyway, away from that, Julius was referring to the tribalism and corruption in Kenya where everybody was taking all that they could for their own benefit without a care about the poor in the society.

Maybe 5 decades later is when we can see that Kenya is indeed a man eat man society. The corruption cases in Kenya are worrying.

Away from corruption and man eat man talk, Nyerere was a very healthy man.

He always made sure to eat right. He is not like today’s generation that binge eats everything no matte how unhealthy it might be. In Nyerere’s case and even other great men, they always made sure to check their weight and eat only what the body needs.

Though the concept of the gym was not well taken by then, the like of Nyerere still took it upon themselves to exercise and live as healthily as possible. With such a lifestyle, they did not need to take these weight loss pills gnc that we are popping after every hour. No, their bodies were good and could metabolize on their own without any help.