Bidet Systems for Bariatrics

When you are a plus size, you may find that it is increasingly difficult to get a good toileting and wiping method.  For real, toilet paper will never do the job well and will only leave you with poop marks. On the other hand flushable wipes could end up clogging your toilet plumbing.

Now a family cloth is not the most hygienic way to wipe your bum. But how about getting a bidet toilet that washes your bum after you are done.

Well, we have been looking at bum washing toilets for obese people and come up with a good recommendation just for you.

  1. Bio Bidet 1000

One great thing about this bidet toilet seat is that it has a powerful stream of water. And this is what every obese person needs. A good stream of water that is going to wash their bottoms so well off all poop.

This Bio Bidet comes with a hot seat, warm water as well as an air dryer so that you do not have to use toilet paper to dry your bum. At the same time, it has a detachable remote control so that you can easily control your wiping.

The nozzle oscillates and can give you a front wash for women or the normal rear wash.

The bidet seat is very comfy and can support people who weigh upto 400lbs.

2. Kohler Novita BH-90

Another great choice but this is only for those people who weigh less than 350lbs. With this bidet seat, you are able to clean up yourself and feel clean throughout the day.

Unlike the Bio Bidet 1000 that limits how much you enjoy warm water to wash, this bidet gives you full control of how much warm water you wish to use.

The downside though is that it can only support a weight of 350lbs. But I would advise any bariatric person below 350lbs and who needs a good wash to use this bidet.