Bidet Systems for Bariatrics

When you are a plus size, you may find that it is increasingly difficult to get a good toileting and wiping method.  For real, toilet paper will never do the job well and will only leave you with poop marks. On the other hand flushable wipes could end up clogging your toilet plumbing.

Now a family cloth is not the most hygienic way to wipe your bum. But how about getting a bidet toilet that washes your bum after you are done.

Well, we have been looking at bum washing toilets for obese people and come up with a good recommendation just for you.

  1. Bio Bidet 1000

One great thing about this bidet toilet seat is that it has a powerful stream of water. And this is what every obese person needs. A good stream of water that is going to wash their bottoms so well off all poop.

This Bio Bidet comes with a hot seat, warm water as well as an air dryer so that you do not have to use toilet paper to dry your bum. At the same time, it has a detachable remote control so that you can easily control your wiping.

The nozzle oscillates and can give you a front wash for women or the normal rear wash.

The bidet seat is very comfy and can support people who weigh upto 400lbs.

2. Kohler Novita BH-90

Another great choice but this is only for those people who weigh less than 350lbs. With this bidet seat, you are able to clean up yourself and feel clean throughout the day.

Unlike the Bio Bidet 1000 that limits how much you enjoy warm water to wash, this bidet gives you full control of how much warm water you wish to use.

The downside though is that it can only support a weight of 350lbs. But I would advise any bariatric person below 350lbs and who needs a good wash to use this bidet.

How Noise Cancelling Headphones Work

Noise cancelling devices reduce ambient or background noise through a method called active noise control. According to Wikipedia, active noise control is where another noise is introduced so as to cancel out the first. Noise cancelling headphones that are used by autistic people are way different from passive headphones that use a method of sound proofing to block out any noise getting into your ears. For safety of the autistic child , you do not want them to be completely sound proofed from the noise because this could create accidents such as when the child refuses to move away from honking cars since they cannot hear them or when they do not respond to your calling them since they are completely blocked off from such sounds.

How do noise cancelling headphones work and how are they designed

Noise cancelling devices use active noise control. This means that to cancel out noise A, a secondary noise B is introduced that cancels out noise A. Noise B has to be desirable to the listener. The devices have a microphone that measures the background noise, generate a waveform that is the exact negative of the background noise and then mix it with some audio signal that is pleasant to the person wearing the earmuffs.

Areas where the devices are used

  1. As headphones for autism. Adults as well as children with autism spectrum disorder usually find that they over process sounds in the environment. Say for example that they are in class learning but a siren outside the class goes off, the person is not able to detach the noise of the siren. They get too much stimulated and so they stop concentrating on what is happening in class. To help them, you need these noise reducing earmuffs so that they can concentrate in what they are doing while muffling the ambient noise.
  2. As a sleeping aid. Of late, people with insomnia are going for these devices so that they can sleep peacefully without being disturbed or woken up by the background noises in their homes.
  3. In aviation. While flying, pilots need to focus on the task of making their planes fly. They do not want to hear the cockpit noise but concentrate on the task ahead as well as maintain conversation with the person directing them.

Disadvantages of the noise cancelling devices

  • When buying them, you are bound to cough out more dough than you would were you buying the normal headphones
  • For active noise control to happen, you need to power the headphones. Therefore, you will need to have a battery on the devices that powers them up
  • Adding batteries also means that the weight of the headphones increases. And so does the cost of maintain the headphone
  • The circuitry that makes up the headphone may end up causing a hiss on the audio that you are getting.


Use wet wipes or bidet as opposed to dry toilet paper

Do not use Toilet Paper, What to Use Instead to Wipe your butt?

Do not use that roll of toilet paper again to wipe your bottom. Please don’t!

Maybe you are wondering why you have to be warned not to use toilet paper to wipe your bum yet you have been using it to do so for the longest time. But the truth is that tissue paper never actually does the job well. It also poses great health risks that you never knew about.

Poop still there even after wiping

Those who are still using tissue paper even after warning them have complained that they are wiping their bums, but they never quite get clean. Yes, that is true. Tissue paper will never actually clean your bum. Picture this, a bird flying in the sky and then it poops on your face, would you wipe the poop away by using toilet paper and feel clean? The answer is a simple no. you need to use something much more better like wet wipe or wash it out with a wet wash cloth.

The Muslims must have realized this a long time ago and that is why they will never use toilet paper to wipe their bums. No, they will always use water to do so. I have this Muslim friend who always carry a lota to the toilet and when I asked him, he told me that using a lota with water every time he goes to the toilet makes him feel sanitized and clean.

In the case that he has traveled away to places where he does not have access to his lota or a simple bucket, he is always using some wet tissue paper. So he will get the tissue paper but first dip it in water before he proceeds to wipe his bum. And indeed he feels sanitized and cleaner that people using toilet paper.

Toilet paper can cause UTI, anal fissures and irritation on your perianal skin

Low quality toilet paper will always cause a wide array of problems such as urinary tract infection (UTI). This is because when you wipe with toilet paper, there will be some traces of poop left and in women, when this poop gets into contact with you urethra or vaginal entry, then you are sure to get some bacteria infecting your urinary tract.

Use of coarse, low quality toilet paper can also cause anal fissures when you exert too much pressure on your bum skin. So when buying toilet paper, if you still insist on using it, then you should always buy one that is high quality, cottony soft and gentle on your skin to avoid anal fissures.

Toilet paper is made with chemicals. For example to bleach trees into white paper, they use chlorine to do so. There are also other chemicals used in making that toilet paper you love so much and you will end up finding that you are getting skin irritations on your perianal area.

What alternatives to use instead of toilet paper?

  1. Flushable adult wet wipes

You can use wet wipes so as to wipe yourself. However you need to make sure that it is disposable and that it actually flushes so that it does not end up blocking your sewerage system which would throw you into problems with the local government for clogged septic systems. So when buying wipes to use for poop, always make sure to insist on septic safe wipes that will actually disintegrate.

You should also make sure that they are paraben, alcohol and fragrance free so as to avoid skin irritation. A good example of some good wet flushable wipes that you can use are the cottonelle wet wipes.

  1. Wet family cloths

Using family cloths has been practised by those who are so much into frugal living. Family cloths are reusable so that after wiping yourself, you wash them with hot water and disinfect them with antiseptics.

  1. Use bidets

The bidet is another smart way of wiping your bum without risking getting UTIs or leaving your bum not clean enough. Today there are portable bidets that are small enough and affordable so that you never have to worry about how to wipe even when you are travelling.


How Nyerere Led a healthy Life

Known by many in Tz, Africa and the world at large as Mwalimu, Julius Nyerere was this astute guy who led a life worth mentioning and copying. Always vocal on all that he wanted to say, Nyerere never minced his words and he would blurt out whatever needed to be said.

At one time,he told the then Kenyan president Jomo Kenyatta that Kenya is nothing but a man eat man society. Of course the hot tempered and wittist Kenyatta had a quick rejoinder by telling him that Kenya is better since Tz is a man eat nothing society. Anyway, away from that, Julius was referring to the tribalism and corruption in Kenya where everybody was taking all that they could for their own benefit without a care about the poor in the society.

Maybe 5 decades later is when we can see that Kenya is indeed a man eat man society. The corruption cases in Kenya are worrying.

Away from corruption and man eat man talk, Nyerere was a very healthy man.

He always made sure to eat right. He is not like today’s generation that binge eats everything no matte how unhealthy it might be. In Nyerere’s case and even other great men, they always made sure to check their weight and eat only what the body needs.

Though the concept of the gym was not well taken by then, the like of Nyerere still took it upon themselves to exercise and live as healthily as possible. With such a lifestyle, they did not need to take these weight loss pills gnc that we are popping after every hour. No, their bodies were good and could metabolize on their own without any help.


Safety features to check when purchasing the Best Skating Helmets


A helmet is a very crucial protective gear to always put on whenever you are skateboarding. Putting on a skateboarding helmet and pads helps prevent any possible injuries that may occur when you crash. Wearing a helmet also prevents death or brain injuries that might occur due to an occurrence of a crash.

Make sure that the helmet properly fits your head in order to provide maximum protection regardless of the brand. It should also have a protective padding, be low across your forehead, fit snugly and do not move around whenever you are skateboarding.

In a case where your helmet becomes smaller or is damaged then it is high time for you to replace it.

Skateboarding helmets can be single or multiple impacts. Single impact helmets only protects a rider from a single impact and will need immediate replacement after a single crash while a multiple impact helmet can be able to withstand multiple impacts without replacement.

For comfort and good balance while riding then make sure to buy a helmet that is able to provide all these. Below are features to look for when purchasing a skateboarding helmet:

Soft interior foambest skating helmets with a soft foam interior and a protective liner that is made of cushion often slows down force upon impact hence protecting your head.

Exterior hard shell-with this it can be able to resist multiple impacts therefore providing maximum protection. An outer shell made of fiber is highly recommended than ones made with plastic since fiber have a more absorption power.

Weight-make sure that the helmet you purchase is not too heavy to avoid neck injuries or discomfort while riding.

Round shape-this prevents any face or neck injuries upon impact as compared to corner-shaped helmets.

Size and fit-the helmet should be able to snugly fit by adjusting the straps and pads to ensure maximum protection. A loose helmet will fall out when an impact occurs leaving your head exposed hence causing death or serious brain injuries.

Ventilation-for a helmet that fully covers your chin make sure that it has vents in order to keep you cooler when riding.

Padding-this provides comfort while riding and is also able to absorb sweat which may require you to wipe off regularly when riding if there is no padding.

Retention system-this is the chin strap that often keeps the helmet in place upon impact.

Full-face helmet-if you intent to ride on a high speed make sure to buy this since it entirely covers your head.

Safety tips

-While riding make sure to adjust the straps and should not be tight or loose but fit well to enable it hold the pressure whenever an impact occurs.

-Upon an occurrence of an impact make sure to check your helmet to see if there are any breaks and if there then make sure to replace it immediately as it is no longer fit for use.

-Crouching down when you lose balance minimizes impact as it reduces the distance to the surface.

-Make sure to regularly check your helmet and skateboard before use to make sure it has no broken parts or is loose which may cause injuries.

-Make sure you do not have any sharp objects in your pocket to avoid injuries upon impact.

-Avoid riding on the street, public parks or bike or crowded paths.

Iconic Men in History

When we started out on this website, we wanted to honor the late Mwalimu Julius Nyerere. But we found out that other than him , there has been a lot of notable people in the whole world worth a mention.

Mwalimu Julius Nyerere

He was the first president of Tanzania. He was a hero who fought for independence and is remembered among other Pan African leaders such as Jomo Kenyatta, Kwame Nkrumah and Nelson Mandela. Julius started the ujamaa movement when he was president. He however retired later from power to give it to other people.

Michael Jackson

Renowned pop star and song writer, Michael started singing when he was a kid in the Jackson family band. He is also remembered for his eccentric dance moves that are even today unrivalled. Michael went through a troubled childhood and in his sunset years, he battled legal suits against him for child molestation

Ronnie Coleman

Though not yet gone, Ronnie is an icon in the bodybuilding industry for winning many world titles. Ronnie is known for not giving up despite what. Currently, he is recuperating in hospital after major injuries on himself during workout. Ronnie accredits his getting ripped to discipline and sheer determination. He even went on an started his own pill for getting ripped called testogen which you can read about in this testogen review.

Martin Luther King Jnr

The man who brought equality in America, Martin was murdered by those who hated blacks and called him a negro. But Martin had a dream. His dream has surely materialized with Barack Obama stepping into the oval office. He dreamt of equality and of a country without racial segregation


Nelson Mandela

I end my list with Tata Mandela who led South Africa in fighting apartheid. He was incarcerated in Robben island for a record 27 years but went on to forgive those that persecuted him. Very rare, ain’t it?